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Persian Rugs India

Persian Rugs India:

We at, have great quality Persian rugs in India. This is a truly genuine hand-knotted Persian rug. These handmade carpets has been woven and designed for extra longevity and durability.

With innumerable Persian designs and traditions developed and maintained by weavers in India, limitless permutations are possible when regional designs and minute variations in techniques and materials are melded together.

The antique Persian rugs that were woven prior to the 1920s, from India, represent an unfathomable range of rug patterns and styles with an enormous breadth of influence from semi-nomadic tribes to imperial weaving traditions established by the Safavid and Moughal / Mughal empires.

An important thing about Persian rugs is, it takes months to make the finest quality Persian handmade rugs in India. Finer yarns take much longer to weave compared to wool yarns. That’s why Persian rugs are costly compared to another type of carpets.