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Explore & fall in love with our beautiful rugs, handmade by our expert artisans in India. Eclectic Collection of Modern to Transitional Handmade Rugs in Various size, shape & color. Quality Assured. Styles: Modern, Traditional, Floral, Dhurrie / Flatweave

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Hand Knotted Rugs:

Sash lifestyle is one of the leading hand knotted rugs manufacturer and reseller in India. Our hand knotted rugs are skillfully crafted with intricate designs and patterns. Find the right look for any room in your home.

Making of rugs using hand knotted technique is an art. A hand knotted rug is one of a kind rug that is made and woven by hand on special loom. There are many hand knotted rugs but popular once are Oriental and Persian rugs. These rugs are made of wool, silk and cotton type natural material.

The quality of a hand knotted rug is determined by the number of knots per square inch. So means higher the density means the better quality of hand knotted rugs.

When it time for complex pattern, it requires more and more time to produce it. Sometimes it takes month to produce a complex pattern hand knotted rugs.

In the market, there is one more term that is taken in used. This term is hand tufted. There is very much difference between hand knotted and hand tufted rugs.

Before we get into deep, let we understand difference between hand knotted rugs and hand tuffed rugs.

Difference between hand knotted rugs and hand tufted rugs:

Overall both terms are look same, but carry a very big difference. A hand tufted rug is made partially by hand and partially by mechanized tool. This type of rug is made by wool.

Hand Knotted Hand Tufted
Fully handmade Partially Handmade
Heirloom quality Not heirloom quality
Takes time to make Short time to make
Does not have backing Has a backing


Why to choose Hand Knotted rugs over a hand tufted Rugs:

As we understand, hand knotted rugs have superior value because they are only craft by hand and not mass produced. If you want to buy a rug that has value beyond its use in your home décor, you need to look well-made hand knotted rugs by expert.

How to know if your rug is an authentic hand knotted rug?

To check if your rug is an authentic hand knotted rug or not, check it backing. Traditional hand knotted rugs do not have any type of backing compared to machine made rugs which make use of a latex coating to hold the tufts in place. If your selected rugs has a backing material, then it isn’t an authentic hand knotted rug.


Best place to Purchase Hand knotted rugs from India:

Sash Lifestyle is one of the leading company dealing in hand knotted rugs with several quality checks. Our expert’s artisans known for their quality products and designs. If you are looking for quality hand knotted rugs from India, then you are at right place. Contact our experts and as how they can help you in selecting perfect hand knotted rugs from India.

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