Area rugs are a very important part of our house. It builds room functionality. An area adds more value to our ground surface. To create high values in low space, area rugs play a very important role. 

So when it’s time to choose perfect and high quality area rugs, it’s more important to understand basic and quality assurance techniques of area rugs. 

If you are in a rugs market, then there are lots of options available to choose for you. but the end line is that you want rugs that match your personal taste, your room interior and its worth. 

Well, in this article, We will share some techniques that will help you in choosing quality area rugs. 

So let us begin with quality checks of area rugs. 

4 Techniques To Identify High Quality Area Rugs: 

1. Knot per Square Inch: 

Knot per square inch or KPSI is defined by the number of knots within a rug. 

It determines the density, durability and quality of pattern. A very simple calculation is; the more knots, the higher the quality. 

The higher number of knots means higher weave and rug will be highly able to withstand and uphold against foot traffic and general use without any damage. 

2. Wool: 

The rugs can be made in any country, the best area rugs are hand woven with high quality persian rug. 

Countries like India are the best place to purchase fine persian wool rugs with handmade and higher number of knots. 

In India and Iran , the sheep raised to be sheared are fed an optimal diet to yield softer and stronger wool. 

So the better choice to buy premium quality rugs can be India or iran.

How To Identify High Quality Area Rugs
Wool Softness

3. Detail: 

The amount of time and labor spent on creating handmade rugs depends from country to country. But in india the authentic persian rugs have earned the reputation of being the highest quality because of perfect techniques.  

A high quality sharp pattern means the amount of time taken by village labor to build higher quality of rugs.

High Quality Area Rugs
High Quality Area Rugs

4. Color: 

When purchasing a rug, you want to be sure the dyes used are either organic vegetable dyes or derived from high grade pigments.

In the market you will find many machine tufted area rugs because they can be made easily and quickly. But the hand made rugs are handmade indian rugs are made by taking quality in mind. 

You will find many rugs seller that will sell area rugs in very low cost; lower the cost means lower the quantity, these lower cost rugs are creating by machineries. 

The process and materials used in creating one is not only artless, but sometimes a health hazard. 

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